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Mack & Laura

Our names are Mack and Laura and we believe in living a beautiful life.
For us this means love, travel and experience but most importantly it means appreciating our moments; big and small.

Our story is one that spans countries, continents and oceans and one defined by the leaps of faith that carried us all around this world chasing the feelings and the moments that we found together.

On our second date, we sailed from Panama to Colombia. For our fourth, we lived in a van on Australia’s East Coast and promised to create a lifetime of epic memories together. The fifth? It started with a transoceanic flight on Christmas Day 2015 and hasn’t finished yet.

Each journey has a beginning and each beginning takes a leap of faith. Our dream for ‘It’s Moments Like These’ started with a wish to inspire, aid and encourage you; the beautiful people of this world to be fearless in pursuing the happiest versions of yourselves.

That dream took another step forward when we realised our desire to help others create beautiful moments in their own lives, and it was the day we found Huey that our vision began to take shape. The vintage caravan ‘For Sale’ on the scenic route stopped us in our tracks and opened our eyes to all the ways our lives were about to change.

Our own happiness is at its fullest when we spend our time outside, down by the ocean or up in the hills. The where doesn’t really matter for us so much as the joy and simplicity that we find while living on the road in our little Kombi, Beatrice. It was a long time ago that we traded in tablecloths and chandeliers for picnic blankets and starry skies and it is this intrinsic beauty and simple joy that we hope to bring to all of your special moments.


Huey is our beautifully crafted, vintage style caravan.


We stumbled across him while in search of waves and sun on the far South Coast of NSW. Custom built by the talented Jack Wyatt of Crafted Caravans, he is everything we could have wished for in a travel companion.

Huey had our hearts from the moment we laid eyes on him and after meeting his first owner Jess, it was clear that we had found something special. We’ve learned that this world works in strange and wonderful ways and we knew that in this case, all we had to do was say “yes”.

Huey has been turning heads and cracking smiles since the day we found him. He is the perfect fit for any event and always promises to be the life of the party.

We simply cannot wait to bring Handsome Huey and all of his charm, to all of your special moments like these.

Northern Beaches,

Sydney and Surrounds


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