• Mack Roth

Happy Birthday My Love

My Dearest Laura,

Here we are, chasing another lap around the sun, and celebrating you.  Looking at you today, I find such joy reminiscing on the year past. I feel like it flew by, but when I stop to think about all that we accomplished and all that we experienced, I get lost in a sea of happy memories. We bought our dream van, gave it the love it deserved, moved into it full time and in in the process, developed an even deeper appreciation for the simple things, something I wouldn’t trade for anything. We got away for more weekends spent surfing, camping, hiking and up at the farm than I could possibly count. We felt more joy and presence than ever before, went to festivals, weddings and wineries, created beautiful moments, big and small and my absolute favourite; we went vegan. And you did all of this while changing the lives of 25 very special little ten year olds. Having learned so much from you I know how lucky those kids are.

There’s a wide smile spread across my face as I write this, reflecting on the memories that we’ve built together, and your birthdays that we’ve celebrated so far: A cheeky package while you were chest deep in powderland Japan, way back when it was all still new.  Our first little apartment together in Canada, and all of the feels that we grew in that place. Hiking high in the hills of central Myanmar, to treehouse sunsets and Milky Way skies. Or last year, coming home from our greatest adventure to date.

We’ve done a lot together you and I. We’ve sailed, and trekked, road tripped and camped, we’ve snowboarded, stargazed, safari’d and scuba’d, we’ve travelled and toured and seen beauty that I never expected. We’ve done the long distance thing and the visa processes. We’ve worked, saved and invested.  We’ve had first after first together, and now we can add another to the ever growing list. We’ve bought our first business together. It’s Moments Like These. And in the blink of an eye, we’re off down another new road. Our ‘plans’ now look a little different than they may have a couple weeks ago, but there’s a good reason why we don’t bother much with those anyway.

That little caravan on the side of the road had all the signs of divine intervention, and if we’ve learned anything these years together, it’s that sometimes the only answer is ‘yes’. I find it difficult to put into words the way I felt while stumbling across Huey and sharing that excitement with you. The decision making process, the butterflies before the decision and the joy afterwards. The realisation of all the ways our life was about to change. I can’t put those feelings into words, and thankfully I don’t need to. We felt them together and there is no one that I would rather live through these experiences with. Those days of penning messages and late night phone calls are long gone. A life of mutual co-dependence is here to stay.  

Like I said, we’ve been lucky enough to experience some incredible things these past few years and even as I sit here smiling and writing this letter, I know that the best is yet to come. Thank you for taking this journey with me, I couldn’t imagine it any other way. You changed my life the day you walked into it and have continued to shape it each and every day since. This journey of ours is one of a kind and is only just beginning. So for today, let’s stop for a minute and celebrate where we are and how far we’ve come. But most importantly, let’s celebrate you. The world is a better place because you’re in it, and I know myself to be blessed for the chance to walk alongside you.

To my partner in crime, adventure buddy, photographizer, fellow dreamer, travel companion, mutual co-dependent, confidant, rock and soft place, lover, partner and best friend; a very, very happy birthday. I can’t for the countless many to come.

All my love

Mack xx


Northern Beaches,

Sydney and Surrounds


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